“A market led, evidence based, approach to rural sanitation” (White Paper by Monitor Inclusive Markets)

  • Monitor Inclusive Markets has written a white paper titled “A Market Led, Evidence Based, Approach to Rural Sanitation” on supply side market-based approaches to scale rural sanitation in India, based mainly on findings from the PSI-led “Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements” (3SI) project in Bihar and supplemented by additional investigation of interventions in other parts of India.
Coming out of the 3SI project's landscaping phase, the findings resonated with several experts, and the funder, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), felt that the findings would be worth sharing with the broader sanitation community. As such, with the support of BMGF, Monitor Inclusive Markets developed this white paper to disseminate the findings.

“Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements” (3SI) Project

Objective: To increase access to, and use of, improved sanitation in rural Bihar, India by strengthening the supply chain and developing a commercially viable business model.
3SI is a 5-year project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The outputs below are from the first phase (~1 year) of the project, which aimed to develop scalable private-sector business models for the local market.

  • 3SI Project Landscaping Outputs
    • Sanitation Landscape: Mapping the sanitation player ecosystem and product landscape in Bihar, to identify potential products and participants in business model solutions
    • Analogs – Learning Document: Assimilating lessons from other sustainable market-based models to target the BoP, in sanitation and other sectors 
    • Customer Behavior: Developing a segmented understanding of customers’ contexts, needs and buying behavior, as well as key hurdles to adoption
    • Value Chain: Understanding the entire value chain and key players, including their drivers, barriers, incentives and chokepoints
    • Business Models: Detailing the proposed business models to deliver on customer demand for toilets
    • Value Propositions: Illustrative value propositions to bring on board the key value chain players in the proposed business models 
  • 3SI Landscaping Approach Document: Description of the approach used in conducting the landscaping phase of the 3SI project

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